Veganuary 2020

Veganuary Day 8 (Hunger Cures)

It was an extremely busy day, and I simply had no time to get anything done in completion, but as life goes on, one just has to keep going forward in finishing one task at a time.

winston churchill quote

A couple days ago I started experiencing hunger pangs in the middle of the day, and because I know my body so well, was sure that I wasn’t doing Veganism the right way. I must not be eating the right things if I’m gaining fat and losing muscle. I remember reading that there are vegan bodybuilders, and vegan athletes…

  • Venus Williams — tennis player
  • Lewis Hamilton — Formula 1 racing driver
  • Jermain Defoe — footballer
  • David Haye — boxer
  • Hannah Teter — snowboarder
  • Kendrick Yahcob Farris — weightlifter
  • Nate Diaz — mixed martial artist
  • Meagan Duhamel — pairs skater

and it was time to start googling solutions to my ridiculous bouts of hanger. It is seriously not fun anymore and I want to nip it in the bud. So I googled what Vegan athletes eat, and this was the result:

  • Beans (all kinds)
  • Soy (like tofu, tempeh and edamame)
  • Lentils (brown, green and red)
  • Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, bulgur, farro, amaranth, oats)
  • Peas (yellow and green)
  • Nuts and Nut Butters (all kinds)

So obviously I was eating all the wrong things so far. Vegetables alone are not going to do anything to keep my hunger at bay. So.


The Daily Cut
1 Raffles Place
#B1-31 One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616

Thanks to food delivery app ‘Deliveroo‘, trying new foods gets a little easier, as I browsed their selection of restaurant partners in search of a Vegan-friendly lunch. I chanced upon a little cafe called ‘The Daily Cut‘ which serves grain bowls and features many items you can choose from! Perfect! I’ll just pick the ones with the V sign on them for Vegan.

the daily cut, tempe, tofu, Brussels sprouts

I chose TEMPE, TOFU, QUINOA, some NUTS, some sauces, and some Brussels sprouts (coz they’re pretty much my fave), and got some garlic oil as a dressing.

Not only was it delicious! My assistant and I both couldn’t finish our own bowls of food, and pretty much stayed full till dinner! So turns out eating more legumes, beans and grains is the key, and it’s something I’ll be attempting to do more often.

Being more used to Rice-based options, recipes for Grains don’t immediately pop to mind. BUT! This evening, I decided to try out a French lentil soup, which is clean, and tasty, and you can cook up with leftover vegetables too!

Just FYI: otherThe Daily Cut’ locations:


7 Wallich Street
#B2-16 Tanjong Pagar Centre
Singapore 78884


5 Straits View
#B1-41/42 The Heart
Singapore 018935


Made by Cait
French Lentil Soup with Vegan Sausages

I’ve realised some frozen food items at the supermarket at marked as ‘Vegetarian’, but also state that they are suitable for Vegans. I think this is because they are produced in factories that also produce non-vegan food, but the item itself is Vegan. So when you come across a similar situation, please take note.

Linda McCartney's vegetarian sausages

I saw ‘Linda McCartney’s’ Vegetarian sausages (suitable for vegans), at the Fairprice Finest one day and decided to stock up the freezer with a packet to try. I guess today is the day we shall try it!

Since life is about learning, and I’ve learnt about what food items keep me full, I’ve decided to make a little ‘stew’ with French green lentils for dinner. The only lentils I really know is in the form of Indian dhal, which are yellow split-peas with mustard seeds, turmeric and other Indian spices, but I’ll keep that for another day.

French soup trinity, onions, carrots, celery


The holy trinity for making any French stock/soup base are:

  • Onions
  • Carrots
  • Celery

Together with that, I am adding

  • Tomatoes
  • Salt + Pepper
  • Thyme
  • Classic Olive Oil
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup of French green lentils
  • 1 tsp thyme

In addition, I will be adding

  • Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Sausages
  • 4 baby potatoes
  • salt + pepper
  • 1 tsp oil


  • Chop up your onions, carrots, and celery
  • in a heated pot, add oil
  • fry up the onions a little bit till they turn translucent
  • add the carrots and celery, fry them up a bit too
  • add the thyme, and fry a little
  • add the water and lentils
  • bring to a boil, stirring occasionally till lentils turn soft (about 30mins)

while that’s happening…

  • halve the baby potatoes, and toss them in oil, salt + pepper
  • throw potatoes and sausages into the air fryer (or pan fry them)


vegan lentil soup with vegan sausages

Ladle Lentil soup into a bowl, and put the potatoes in the middle, leaning slant-cut sausages on top (just to be fancy). This is not a fancy dish. It is in fact a very simple dish and I’m frankly just working on my plating. You could cut them up into chunks too, and I’m sure each mouthful will taste just as great!

Gross TMI alert!

We all know that beans are a magical fruit! The more you eat the more you toot! The more you toot the better you feel. So eat your beans at every meal.

Of course they’re not a fruit, they’re legumes, but that’s just how the rhyme goes. Teehee!

But they are seriously good for you!

legumes and grains

According to, beans and legumes are some of the most underrated foods on the planet. They are excellent sources of dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins and many other important vitamins and minerals. There is good evidence that they can help reduce blood sugar, improve cholesterol levels and help maintain a healthygut.

Check back in tomorrow where I will introduce you to the Vegan restaurant everybody knows and loves, and I’ll also recreate my version of one of their dishes the way my dad taught me!

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