Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe
Veganuary 2020

Veganuary Day 4 (Vegan Mayo)


Vegan Bowl
3 Pickering St, #01-39,
Singapore 048660

If you work around Pickering Street and have decided that you are going to give Veganism a shot one lunchtime, then this is a little place you can check out (or order for delivery on FoodPanda).

Signature Vegetable Ramen Stir-fry.
Price: $8.90

I’m going to be quite honest, I’d been rather spoilt by the food from day 1 to 3, so this Veggie Yaki stir-fry I ordered paled a little in comparison. But check out the store anyway, it has a wide variety of dishes from herbal ‘mutton’ soup, to ‘Mapo Tofu’ Bentos – so, plenty to choose from even if you didn’t order the Veggie Yaki.

Zenos on the other hand, is pretty damn good at the game of choosing food – and picked a really good one:

KungPao Lion’s Mane Mushroom Bento Set.
Price: $8.90

The Lion’s Mane mushroom really does have quite a surprisingly similar texture to real meat, and the little tiny fibres (resulting in the name ‘Lion’s Mane Mushroom’) really just soaks up whatever sauce you stew it in, making it an EXCELLENT meat replacement without missing that meaty texture. Definitely something to look out for on the menu if you don’t think you can eat a meal without bits of animal carcass.

If you go to ‘Vegan Bowl’, get the Lion’s Mane KungPao Bento, or anything with Lion’s Mane mushroom. It’s soooo good!


Made By Cait
Pumpkin Soup
Vegan Olive Oil + Truffle Mayonnaise
Air-fried Tater tots + Quorn Fishless Fingers

It was Saturday, the 4th of January, and we decided to have a lazy dinner in front of our giant screen ultra short-throw projector in the living room, and watch ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ on Amazon Prime video. If you haven’t yet seen this series, I highly recommend it for Mrs. Maisel’s winning personality, feist, and just great vintage vibes all round.

Catch it on Amazon Prime Video. The upbeat vibes of this modern vintage mayhem are simply infectious, and Actress Rachel Brosnahan is the most magical creature on the planet.

But I digress..


I bought some pumpkin from the Japanese Supermarket across the road, and made pumpkin soup, because believe it or not, if you’re not pedantic about the bits and chunks of pumpkin, it is truly the most delicious and EASY soups to make.

Homemade Pumpkin Soup (I added some air-fried tater tot remnants so it looks nice for the photo. Don’t bother. It does nothing for the taste.)
Price: $7.80 (coz I bought Japanese pumpkins)


  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 5 cloves of Garlic
  • ½ a Pumpkin (cut into chunks)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup of soy milk


  • Put the oil into a pot, literally throw garlic and pumpkin inside,
  • Add the water, salt, put a lid on and let boil to a MUSH!
  • Schmush the heck out of it!!!
  • Add the soy milk, bring to a boil, and voila! It’s ready!
  • Freshly cracked pepper when it’s in the bowl.

We also knew pumpkin soup wasn’t gonna be enough so we cracked out some more Quorn Fishless Fingers, and some leftover tater tots in the freezer, and Air-fried them. What’s a series-binge night without some finger foods amirite? And let’s face it, if they’re gonna be fried, they better be Air-fried!

Air-fried Quorn Fishless Fingers + Tater tots
Just look at how golden and crispy they turned out!

As those were frying in the Air-frier, I realized we couldn’t have regular mayonnaise (Kewpie Mayonnaise is my favourite mayonnaise BTdubs if any of you were wondering, but it’s got egg and probably dairy). Anyway, I found a recipe online for SOY milk mayonnaise that I was SURE wouldn’t work. But I was wrong!

Soy Truffle Mayonnaise (topped with chilli flakes)


  • ½ cup unsweetened soy milk
  • 2 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¾ cup Extra virgin Olive Oil
  • ¼ cup Truffle infused oil

**I like experimenting and switching up ingredients, so I used ¾ cup Extra virgin Olive Oil, and ¼ cup of truffle-infused oil, and the result was truffle mayonnaise, which was super super nice!!!


  • Put the Soy milk into a bowl (or blender)
  • Add the salt and apple cider
  • With the help of an electric mixer (or emulsion blender), blend away!
  • Slowly drizzle the oil into the soy milk

Once all the oil is poured in, you’ll know to stop blending/mixing when the mix becomes mayonnaisey!

I stored it in a pickle jar my roommate left unwashed on the shelf. Of course, I washed it first. If you’re reading this, Zach, That’s gross! I shudder to think why it was important for you to leave it unwashed. Are you doing an experiment that involves growing boy mould that would take over our penthouse Zach?


Where was I?

Zenos liked it, and the truffle oil really made the tater tots taste like truffled hash browns (such a huge win!). It’s surprising that the rather liquidy SOY MILK actually fluffed up like that and turned into such beautifully fluffy Soy-onnaise! I’ll probably try making more vegan mayonnaise with other nut milks just as a taste experiment. Would you like a whole page on that?

Made pumpkin soup for dinner. Air-fried some vegan-friendly finger foods, and made truffled oil- infused SOY milk mayonnaise which tasted really good! Full recipes above!

I also recently bought a thing called ‘egg-replacer’ powder, and I can’t wait to try it in dishes that require egg.

In fact, I’ll probably try making a bunch of things with ‘egg-replacer’ powder in place of regular eggs, just to see if they turn out the same. So keep on the lookout for that, and I’ll update you as I go along! Remember to keep me on my toes by writing what you want in the comments section, or getting in touch with me directly on Instagram!

See you tomorrow, where I will share with you, 2 non-vegan restaurants that have vegan/vegetarian options, for those times where you’re with friends and you want to be an environmentally-friendly consumer. One of them is my favourite hotpot restaurant!

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