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Veganuary 2020

Veganuary Day 18 (Such Sustainable!)


Made by Cait
Vegan Chicken Rice with mushrooms, mock chicken, & Asian Kale

Vegan Chicken Rice with mushrooms & Kailan (Asian Kale)
Vegan ‘Chicken’ Rice with mushrooms & Kailan (Asian Kale)

As usual, we head out for our morning workout, and on our way, we pass by a chicken rice store. I don’t usually have cravings for chicken rice in general, but this morning was different… I glanced at the image of a plate of chicken rice in their shop front, and I wanted to ditch gym and order a plate with EXTRA chicken, EXTRA rice, EXTRA everything I can’t eat right now.

That distinct scent of ginger butter rice really got to me!
So after we got home from the gym, I was on a mission to make VEGAN Chicken rice, using some of the ingredients I bought at the Vegetarian store the day before.

Dairy free butter, salt, ginger, garlic
This is what it takes to make the ‘chicken rice’ RICE!

I googled what it would take to make ‘Chicken Rice’ RICE, and these ingredients came up…

  • 1/2 a cup of butter
  • lots of ginger
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • (not in image) 2 tablespoons of sesame oil
The Making of chicken rice.
You basically just dump it all into the rice cooker.

One does not realise just how much fat goes into the humble ‘Chicken Rice’ Rice, until one makes their own ‘Chicken Rice’ Rice.

Take a goooooood look at the amount of artery clog you are consuming.

The general rule of brown rice is 2 cups of water to 1 cup of brown rice.
Everything else is just for flavour!

add the mushrooms into the chicken rice pot
Now add the lion’s mane mushroom, king mushrooms, and mock chicken into the pot to cook alongside the rice and FAT!

I then layer everything atop the rice and fat, close the lid of the rice cooker, and let the machine cook the ingredients until the liquid is gone.

Originally, you’re supposed to put the chicken pieces on top so I just substituted the chicken pieces with all the mushrooms and mock meats I was going to use, keep my fingers crossed, and hope for the best!

Home cooking is about trying!
Now I know… this WORKS!

hong kong kailan and red chilli
Hong Kong Kailan & a red chilli pepper.

While the rice is cooking I proceed to clean my vegetables. Even though I’m vegan now and everything I’m consuming is pretty much plant, I still wanted my Hong Kong kailan just so the entirety of it looks like chicken rice. I want to FEEEEEEEL as if I am eating chicken rice right now ok!

fry the chilli slivers in oil
Slivers of chilli peppers frying in oil.

So, we start by slivering the red chilli. You don’t wanna put too much in unless you want to explode out the rear in the evening or something, or if you’re immune to the spice. Personally I like to take it easy on the stuff and just fry it up a little to give the oil some flavour!

charred kailan, just the way I like my veggies.
Charred Kailan.

Then I proceed to char my greens in the pan. I know I know. Usually, people just blanche or boil the greens, but I really like that charred flavour to my leafy vegetables too, so I’ve decided, my kitchen, my rules, and gone ahead with abominations like this for my own selfish gratification.

But please, you may also boil the veggies.
Don’t let anyone tell you what to do in your own kitchen!

What is this rubbish, Cait?
Why, friends, it is about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1/4 cup of water, and 3/4 tablespoon of tapioca flour to thicken this liquid brown into a sauce… please view image below!
Hong kong kaiman in soy sauce
See! Sauce!

The thing with SAUCE

You can literally make ANY liquid into a sauce. Just add tapioca flour to thicken it (if it’s an asian dish).

How much exactly?
Pfft! I never know!

But the key to it is add little bit little. I’d start with 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour to 1/2 a cup of liquid. Just ‘prorate’ as you go! IF it doesn’t thicken, just mix a little more tapioca flour with 1/2 a cup of liquid, and pour little by little, and remember to bring it to a boil before adding more.

You’ll get the hang of this!
I believe in you!

sliced cucumbers and tomatoes just like real chicken rice!
Sliced cucumbers and tomatoes just like in real chicken rice!

I plate the greens, and the rice hasn’t finished cooking, so I sliced up some cucumbers and tomatoes just like you’ll find at the chicken rice store, and put it aside.

chicken rice and ingredients ready to be plated!
Chicken rice and ingredients cooked and ready to be plated!

When the rice cooker goes beep beep beep, you know it’s ready to be plated! As you can see the rice has done this thing where it just engulfs all my ingredients. But that’s ok! I picked out each one, and put them on a cutting board so I can slice it and make it look like real chicken slices for plating!

Et voila, Vegan chicken rice by @caitofalltraits
Et voila, Vegan chicken rice by @caitofalltraits!

Let me describe the plating to you…

  • The slices of tomato and cucumber go next to the brown rice.
  • Then, I layer the sliced ‘chicken’ in a row on top of the cucumbers,
  • the halved king mushrooms next to that,
  • and the lion’s mane mushrooms on top of the rice.
  • I also drizzled some of the remaining soy sauce from cooking the vegetables on top of the protein,
  • and garnished the plate with a little slivered chilli, and some coriander (TOTALLY OPTIONAL – I know how some of you get with this garnish, ya either love it or hate it and I don’t judge).

Event of the Day

SwapaholicYou X Rentadella

SwapaholicYou X Rentadella event on sustainable swapping practices and circular consumption.
At the clothes swap event with Munah and Yana, listening to some interesting information about clothes and sustainability in general.
SwapaholicYou X Rentadella event on sustainable swapping practices.
It was a very eye-opening event and I learnt so much about the other ways we can do our part in reducing our carbon footprint on Mother Earth. The one they were speaking about in particular, is circular consumption of clothing items, and this is definitely something I already practice, and would like to spread word about.
Prior to this event, the influencers and celebrities were told to gather their items of clothing into a bag (only good things). Each item was given a number value, which will then be accumulated into points that they would be able to use at this event, to swap for other peoples’ pre-loved items. You’d be surprised at how many of those clothing items still had tags on them!
Usually at events, there aren’t many vegan-friendly food items. But at this particular one, there was plenty!
I, for one, was super happy about this because for once, I’m able to eat plant-based options at an event I’m attending, and not have to worry about checking the ingredients!
muuse, borrow a cup concept
Among the sponsors was also this crazy idea by Muuse, a smart system of reusable takeaway containers! Borrow-use-return!

All in all, the SwapaholicYou X Rentadella event was certainly an eye-opener, and it’s also great to know that I’ve already been practicing some form of sustainability since I was a kid, encouraged by a mother who was also frugal, and very conscious of not contributing to too much wastage.

I tried not to eat too much, because after this, I had agreed to take Zenos’ friends from Japan out for dinner.

But of course, it has to be Vegan!


8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant
282A South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058831

8 treasures vegetarian restaurant.
Arguably one of Zenos’ favourite vegetarian/vegan restaurant, and very famous too!
Zenos and his Japanese guests visiting singapore.
The 2 cuties on the right are Zenos‘ guests fro Japan. Kohey (the dude) is Zenos‘ host brother in Japan when he moved there at 16 to learn Japanese. The lady next to him is ‘Su-Chan’, his girlfriend, and they’re both visiting Singapore for the first time! In fact, this was their first time out of Japan, and they had to get new passports just for this occasion!
olive fried rice from 8 treasures vegetarian vegan restaurant
Upon our guests’ request, we ordered ‘Olive fried rice’, and holy cow it was just the most delicious thing to start with! SO fragrant, and topped with the freshness of some shredded lettuce.
stir-fried eggplants vegan version
Stir-fried eggplant is Zenos’ favourite chinese dish. He HAS to have it whenever we’re at a chinese restaurant and this one was beautifully prepared, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!
lion's mane mushroom kungpow style
Lion’s Mane Mushroom ‘KungPow’ style.
This will be one of those staple dishes we order every time we go back to 8 treasures, just because it is extremely fragrant and flavourful. Not to mention, the lion’s mane mushroom has such a similar texture to chicken that it is really easy to forget this dish is vegan!
sweet potato leaves stir-fried
Upon request by his guests, we also order the stir-fried sweet potato leaves (because they’d never had it before). Personally, I love them. Sweet potato leaves are so smooth and textured almost like chinese spinach, and the one is cooked in some sort of vegan sambal! YUMSSS!!!
Logan jelly
Then we got some lovely jelly dessert with dried ‘longan‘ fruits inside. They were refreshing!
walk around chinatown during Chinese New Year season
After dinner, we took them for a walk around Chinatown (because it was Chinese New Year season)!
And ended up at Clarke Quay, one of the party centrals of Singapore.

I really enjoyed Day 18. It was a full-on day of learning the many ways to be sustainable besides being vegan, and enjoying myself in the process!

Check back in for Day 19, where I discovered a Thai restaurant at Tanglin Mall with plenty of vegan options, and make a creamy mushroom baked rice with vegan cheese for dinner!

See you then!

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