Vegan Bubble Tea
Veganuary 2020

Veganuary Day 17 (Vegan Bubble Tea!)


190, 13/14 Middle Rd,
#1 Fortune Centre,
Singapore 188973

We start our Lunch back at Fortune Centre (190 Middle Rd), where we headed because we were craving that mysteriously accurate flavour of Unagi rolls at Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant, Herbivore, that we discovered on Day 12 of our Veganuary Journey.

Vegan Unagi Rolls from Herbivore.
Needless to say, we ordered the ‘Unagi Rolls’, which tasted suspiciously like the real teriyaki eel rolls you’d get at any Japanese sushi restaurant. Even the mayonnaise on top of it was vegan.
Vegan teriyaki chicken set at Herbivore.
We also ordered the teriyaki ‘chicken’ set that came with fresh salad greens, vegan miso soup, and some lime jelly for desert. The vegan chicken was textured just like the real thing, atop a bed of Japanese rice that was cooked perfectly.
Vegan Unagi bento with stir-fried veggies, salad, potato salad, vegan tsukune and lime jelly, at Herbivore cafe.
Vegan Unagi bento with stir-fried veggies, salad, potato salad, vegan tsukune and lime jelly.

I loved the Unagi sushi rolls so much I decided I was going to try the entire thing. Turns out, as good as it was, the unary sushi rolls are THE BEST! So if you do go to Herbivore, which I HIGHLY recommend, I still recommend that you order the Unagi sushi rolls instead of the equally tempting Unagi bento.

xing hua vegetarian restaurant
The other very popular, highly recommended vegetarian restaurant at Fortune Centre that also apparently has excellent vegan options. I’m gonna have to give it a go at some point.
Xin Yuan vegetarian food trading, a place for all your vegan/vegetarian mock meats and sauces. I fully stocked up here before heading home.
Xin Yuan vegetarian food trading, a place for all your vegan/vegetarian mock meats and sauces. I fully stocked up here before heading home that day. If you buy all your frozens, cooking sauces and noodles from here and store them in your kitchen cupboards, it’s really easy to whip up an entirely vegan meal ANY DAY!

We then headed up to the 2nd level, in search of the brand new Vegan bubble tea place that everybody was talking about…

‘Mong Cha Cha’
Vegan bubble tea with plant milks instead of dairy!

First of all, let’s start with the name of this shop!
‘Mong Cha Cha’ in cantonese is used to describe a person who is stupid, clumsy or confused (according to the google dictionary). But the word ‘Cha’ also means ‘Tea’, aka Bubble ‘Tea’. Which makes the name of this shop ULTRA ADORBS if you understand the context.

Also, I had never been a fan of bubble tea due to the fact that they mostly come with milk, and/or sugar. As a person who is both dairy and sugar sensitive, I prefer to limit myself to enjoying beverages that don’t hurt my sensitive stomach.

Which makes ‘Mong Cha Cha’ SO AWESOME!

Coz finally, ANYONE can enjoy vegan bubble tea, made with freshly squeeze oat milk, and brown sugar tapioca boba, the way it was originally made in Taiwan, where the drink originated!

Vegan ice creams at Mong cha cha
Vegan Ice Creams.

To top it off, ‘Mong Cha Cha’ also had 7 VEGAN ICE CREAM FLAVOURS including Durian, and matcha!

Sadly, Ice-cream is also another dessert that I haven’t been able to enjoy due to most of it being made of milk. But now, I can!!!

So I went NUTS!
I had a taste of everything (with the exception of durian, I KENUT!), but listen, if you didn’t know it wasn’t dairy-free, you wouldn’t even notice the difference. Sompah!
We Instagram-worthy ordered our drink, and I swear to Godiva chocolates, we pointed at all the same ingredients – Oat milk, no sugar, brown sugar boba pearls.
He let me taste the first sip. In truth, you should probably go for 25% sugar even though it tasted great without. I should indulge a little since I haven’t had bubble tea for, like, ever.


Green Ba
Triple 1 Somerset Singapore

This evening, we had to run some errands at Somerset 313, and not knowing what to do or where to go for a vegan dinner (other than Real Food at Orchard central that we already featured in Day 9 of Veganuary), we turned to Google Maps for help. We keyed in ‘Vegan’ and tapped ‘Search this area’, and discovered that there was a small mall behind Somerset 313, called Triple 1 Somerset.

image credits:

Inside it, were many little independent restaurants, a beautiful Cold Storage grocery store, and a Vegetarian dining place called ‘Green Ba’, that serves vegan options.

Green ba walk in video at triple one Somerset
Discovering ‘Green Ba’ at ‘Triple 1 Somerset’.
vegan glass noodles at Green Ba.
Glass noodles – one of their signature dishes.
Vegan version of Green Ba's Glass noodles.
Their ‘Fried Glass Noodles’ normally comes with egg (vegetarian), but they were very happy to accommodate our Vegan order by taking out any ingredient with egg or milk in it. Thanks guys!
Chicken rendang at Green Ba restaurant.
We also ordered the ‘Mock Chicken Rendang’.
Claypot lion's mane mushroom rice at Green Ba.
Another one of their specialties, is the lion’s mane mushroom on claypot rice. While it tasted pretty good, I wish they had more sauce on this dish, and that the rice had crisped at the bottom, which was how it is usually prepared.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience, except we couldn’t have any dessert because all their desserts were only vegetarian…

Which, come to think of it, all cakes are! HAHAHAH!!

Check back in for Day 18 of Veganuary, where I prepared HOME MADE VEGAN CHICKEN RICE!!! Then head out to a sustainable clothing swap event by ‘Swapaholic You X Rentadella’, and then took Zenos’ Japanese brother from another mother, Kohey & his girlfriend Su-Chan, around Chinatown and to one of our favourite Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants everrrrrrrrr!!!

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