Benefit Cosmetics Launch
Veganuary 2020

Veganuary Day 15 (Special Benefits)

Today is the first day since I started the #Veganuary challenge, where I had to attend a FULL DAY event with Benefit Cosmetics.

Adventure Cove - Resorts World Sentosa
It was going to be held at the fun-filled water park in Resorts World Sentosa – Adventure Cove!

Without my creature comforts (my kitchen), the supermarkets around me, the stores I knew would have the Vegan food options I enjoyed, I was worried about finding vegan-friendly options even though I knew that the lovely ladies of Benefit had already prepared a lovely vegan burger for me after the day’s fun and games were through.

I was both excited to have a day of fun at Adventure Cove Sentosa, and terrified, because…

mccauly culkin


I knew I had to pack my lunch, since I was told that we had to arrive at 1230pm thereabouts. So as I had to meet my dear friend Munah at Somerset 313, I headed to the only place I knew there that served Vegan options!


Haakon Superfoods & Juice
313 Somerset Road,
Somerset 313 Mall, #B2-14

Haakon singapore
Haakon superfood bowl
I know. It doesn’t look so good, but it is! I LOVE Zucchini noodles (or Noodles), and the green curry sauce was delicious! They also had ‘Zero-Calorie Noodles’ which I appreciated very much because it just goes so well with the sauce. Of course, I ordered Tofu because I knew Benefit had a whole day of fun and games lined up for us!

I love Haakon for the same reasons I love ‘The Daily Cut‘ and ‘Grain Traders‘; the healthy options! And they’re all delicious too! Check out my feature on ‘The Daily Cut‘, to see how you can stay full for longer on a Vegan diet, without having to sacrifice on taste!

When Munah and I arrived, it was into the changing room, and straight to getting to know the ‘Pore-fect Hydrate Pore-fessional Primer‘!

Getting to know Benefit Cosmetics' brand new pore-fect hydrate pore refining primer.
Just FYI: It really hydrates the skin, and has a slight cooling sensation when applied. Apparently it retains the same sand-coloured properties to blur out those damn pores, providing an even surface when applying foundation. (This is not an ad. Some of you have requested that I shared my day whenever I can so here it is!)

Benefit cosmetics pore-fect hydrate primer
Benefit Cosmetics just launched their brand new ‘Pore-fect Hydrate Pore-fessional Primer’, and are throwing a party just for us ‘Benebabes‘!
Light snacks were provided by Adventure Cove Park, and as you can see, there are delicious crispy chicken bites, chicken nuggets, and spring rolls (which I devoured with an eye closed, hoping they were vegan like they said).
Then it was straight off to the fun and games with the ‘Benebabes‘, with the beautiful, talented, hard-working, hustling Munah on my Team!
Adventure Cove games by benefit cosmetics singapore with Munah, Michelle, Iman, Sahur, and Adlina anis
My team and I had to tackle some special games created just for the special launch of the pore-fect hydrate primer.
Adventure Cove waterpark fun with Iman Fandi Ahmad
We got to go on the waterslides (this is me and Iman, who is a Vegan Athlete). I was just scared to lose my top, I don’t have very many bikinis with straps lah!
Adventure cove waterpark fun
We won some challenges set up by the ladies of Benefit Cosmetics.
Adventure Cove Obstacle Course
Did some obstacle course just for kicks in a private area just for us!
Benefit Cosmetics Team 1
Benebabes Team 1 (left to right): Michelle, Caitanya, Adlina, Iman, Sahur, Munah.
Waiting to go down a waterslide at adventure cove resorts world sentosa with Munah Bagharib
All in all, we had a really good time that day at Benefit Cosmetics‘ launch of their new pore-sessional hydrating primer.
Benefit Cosmetics Team 1
Benebabes Team 1!!!

And before we knew it…


Benefit cosmetics porefessional hydrate primer
We each had placemats with our names on it so they could serve us each our choice of food, how lovely was this little detail! And we got to take home some mini pore-fessional primers as well as a big version of the new ‘Pore-fect hydrate’ primer!
Actresses Munah Bagharib and Caitanya Tan
I even got to sit next to my Mumu!
Potato patty burger with thick cut fries
This was my dinner – A potato patty burger with thick-cut fries.

You know what…

It tasted SO GOOD!

I’m actually surprised that Adventure Cove Sentosa had a Vegan option for a main meal, as well as vegan spring roll side dishes for their Vegan/Vegetarian patrons and guests!

Sure, this was ‘carbicide’, but I am thoroughly impressed at how many establishments now have Vegan-friendly options available because of the growing needs and requests by people who are keen on more environmentally friendly food options!

Thank you Resorts World Sentosa Adventure Cove, and the Benefit Cosmetic babes for making sure that this temporary Vegan gets a delicious vegan option nonetheless!

Check in tomorrow for a very special fine dining double-date experience at Japanese restaurant ‘Rizu’ at Duxton Hill, where we enjoyed a 9-course Omakase dinner with Zenos’ best friend Ming and his girlfriend Tanya.

This is a special feature because I will share with you dishes from both the Vegan and the regular Omakase menu, which has some drool-worthy Japanese delicacies like Wagyu and Uni (sea urchin), so you and your Vegan friends can dine together!

Check back in!

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