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Veganuary 2020

Veganuary Day 14 (Pure joy, from scratch)

Play is a huge part of my life – it is the reason I design my own website, sew my own pants, and am intrigued by transforming natural produce into deliciousness through shortcuts I’ve discovered along the way.

I LOVE making things from scratch.

Which is why when I heard that ‘Afterglow’ shares the same food philosophies, I just HAD to pay it a visit! Lucky me! On the day that I decided to give this 100% plant-based cafe a shot, its founder, Carmen, was around to recommend her incredibly innovative dishes to us noobs.

photo with Zenos and Carmen of Afterglow
Zenos, myself and Carmen, the founder of ‘Afterglow’ – a fully plant-based cafe.


24 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089131

7 years ago when they started Afterglow, Carmen said they really struggled as people thought they were crazy.

But they were truly visionary; being one of the first few in Singapore to open a restaurant serving PLANT-BASED EVERYTHING – No meat substitutes, no dairy, no eggs, nothing processed, low sodium, ALL natural.

Sounds kinda bland, gross even. Who would even go there, right?

Well thing is, just a few years ago, things started to pick up as plant-based diets started to become a thing! A global shift was occurring and Carmen realised that her efforts to promote a healthy plant-based diet is both educational and altogether inspirational. 

Research has shown that the reason so many young people of this generation’s dairy intolerance stems from the previous generation’s consumption of hormone injected Chickens?

Carmen is not a vegan herself – She absolutely loves meat, especially Char Siew. The reason behind her doing this is her fascination by the younger generation wanting to be environmentally friendly. She also wants to educate the general public that Vegan food is not horrible.

And she’s right!

Mushroom balls with vegan mayo aioli on some lettuce
We started with some Mushroom balls with vegan mayo aioli on some lettuce. They were delicious and I am a huge fan of the texture of these things. To think they’re made entirely out of PLANT and nothing in this dish is processed!

Her chefs are all culinary trained but they all learn how to make these delicious meals through youtube. All the food from afterglow is made from scratch and uniquely handcraft and improvised by among the team.  

Carrot sticks and jicama sticks with vegan dips
Next up, we had some dips with carrot sticks and a MAGICAL VEGETABLE called Jicama (pronounced: hee-ca-ma), also known as turnip, or in Singapore, Bangkuang. Yes. The stuff they put in spring rolls. The fresh version is SWEET AS F*CK! Amazing! Just beautiful!

Every few months, the chefs will come out with something new, carmen will host a small group of people to let them try the food and decides if its stays in the menu, she calls her food, PURE AND HONEST FOOD 

vegan kimchi sushi rolls.
Vegan plant based (NO RICE) House-made kimchi sushi rolls. I honestly couldn’t believe that this was practically carb-less, and did NOT lack in flavour or texture. It was marvellous!

This is me losing my mind at the deliciousness of it all so far. Moving on.

Simply one of the most perfectly dressed salads ever, not too soggy with sauce, and perfectly balanced in flavour (you know how some salads are SOUR like what the hell!?). Topped with felafel, the perfect legume ball to keep you full while you’re vegan. These guys really know how to make sure you’re not constantly hungry for the rest of the day.

Vegan bean-patty burger with hashed sweet potato side
Bean patty burger with slaw, and a side of hashed sweet potato. I’m telling you you have to try it. That bean patty is so packed with flavour, and the vegan white sauce you see just kills you and sends you straight to flavour heaven. Seriously, it goes so damn well together with those fluffy-as burger buns. I kept forgetting this was even vegan.

Vegan purely plant-based lasagna
Then this RAW vegetable lasagna arrived, and each mouthful was sincerely the most refreshing deliciousness ever. The best part was the dehydrated tomatoes, that crunched and crisped, and its smokey taste reminded me of bacon. I don’t even LIKE bacon! The whole thing wasn’t something I’d ever experienced, but I couldn’t stop eating it. I just couldn’t.

Vegan Acai bowl
We decided on 2 desserts, this fruity, delicious, refreshing Vegan Acai Bowl…
Vegan chocolate mousse cake
and this chocolate mousse THING was really (oh hawt damn!) the most delicious vegan dessert a non-vegan girl could ever dream about devouring. If you love chocolate, you’re going to LOVE this. Here’s a little tip Carmen shared: The creaminess comes from AVOCADO!

It’s now giving me IDEAS to make some desserts for the love of my life Zenos Jake, who is absolutely in LOVE with chocolate mint cookies and the combination of chocolate and mint.

As an avid experimenter of food, and a huuuuuge chocolate lover, I am STOKED to try making my own vegan avocado chocolate mousse! So keep on the lookout for that recipe under the recipes section of this blog! I’ll get to it, especially if you keep pestering me for it on my socials.

What did I eat for dinner, you ask.

Actually, can I be honest and say… Nothing.

This is what contentment looks like.

I had no idea plants could be so filling since I’d been starving the entire 14 day Veganuary process until today. So this was a really eye-opening experience as to just how much food I should be eating as a Vegan to stay full.

Check out my next post and follow a day in the life of an influencer, where I attended a Benefit Cosmetics event at Adventure Cove RWSentosa, and was totally unprepared for what sort of foods I was going to get. Being quite spoilt for choice previously as an omnivore, it felt quite sad that I had to go for the ONLY Vegan-friendly option available.

But I’m SUPER GRATEFUL to the Benefit Cosmetics ladies who even provided ‘Vegan’ as an option to accommodate people like me with such stringent dietary restrictions!

I also met another Vegan beauty, who happens to be an athlete, and daughter of Singapore’s football legend, Fandi Ahmad!

See you soon for Day 15 of VeganuarySG!

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