Veganuary 2020

Veganuary Day 12 (Unaaaagi)


190, 13/14 Middle Rd,
#1 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188973

Zenos and I have been googling Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants with really high ratings and found a place called ‘Herbivore’ with an average of 4.3 stars out of 5, and after dining there, we are going to share with you why even if you’re into the whole veganism thing, you should give this place a shot!

Vegan Chicken Yakitori skewers
Vegan Chicken Skewers.

These Vegan chicken skewers have an incredible texture and flavour that mimics real chicken. If you’re not a big fan of eating plant-based because you think that you’re only going to be eating vegetables, you’d be wrong! Because these days, there are so many fake meat and textured soy options like these vegan yakitori chicken skewers, that you can look forward to satisfy your need for that meaty texture.

Vegan Gyoza from Herbivore
Vegan Gyoza. Filled with all the right things!

These Gyozas are probably the best vegan versions I’ve had so far. With the perfect pan-fried base, crisp and light crunch before that burst of flavour oozing out from the sauce and ingredients on the inside, you definitely won’t miss your regular meat-filled gyozas one bit!

Vegan Ramen with fake pork belly in vegan miso broth.
Vegan Ramen with fake pork belly slices and vegan miso broth.

I learnt recently that not all miso paste is vegan-friendly. So when I discovered this, I had to order it right away! I had been craving Ramen for a while now and this really hit the spot. They even had some vegan pork belly slices that really took me by surprise; they even had alternating layers of gelatinous fat and fake meat that make it especially similar to the real thing. Pretty incredible!

Japanese Vegan katsu curry
Japanese Vegan Katsu Curry.

Zenos missed katsu curry so much when we became vegan, so when he saw this on the menu he immediately insisted on ordering it, and it didn’t disappoint! While it lacks the ‘porky’ taste, it makes up for it in texture; as it is tender, and the crispiness of the outer crust really contrasts with the curry sauce. YUM!

Vegan Unagi Roll
Vegan Unagi Roll with avocado and cucumber.

But without a shadow of a doubt, whether you’re vegan or not, the Unagi Roll is the most amazing item on the menu, in that it tastes almost exactly like the real thing! The layer of seaweed between the mock meat and the rice roll really enhances the ‘umami’ flavour of the dish, which puts the ‘seafood’ back into what is otherwise just flavoured soy protein.

When we were done with lunch, we also discovered a vegetarian/vegan fake meat store called ‘Xin Yuan Vegetarian Food Trading’, and bought a whole bunch of mock meats! You can read about it on, a blog featuring some of what you can find at this magical place!


Upin Hotpot
6 Eu Tong Sen St,
Clarke Quay The Central
#03-87, Singapore 059817

It’s Sunday, which means the hotpot sensation creeps up on me and drags me by the palette back to Upin HotPot, minutes away from my home in Clarke Quay.

Condiment station at Upin Hotpot
All-you-can-eat Condiment station for just $3!

Click to check out our FAVOURITE sauce combination as shown in this TikTok video by Zenos Jake.

Vegan hotpot options in Singapore Upin Hotpot
Fried beancurd rolls, Enoki mushrooms, beancurd sheets, bamboo slices.

Again we chose the Vegan options; tomato broth, and mushroom broth.

And because we read somewhere that a better source of protein comes from legumes – like soy beans, we decided to get more of that stuff, so we won’t feel so hungry after just a couple of hours.

Vegan hoppot options in singapore Upin Hotpot
From left: Our own special sauce, shiitake mushrooms, beancurd puffs, lotus roots, and below, some shirataki (zero-calorie) noodles.

I guess it’s safe to say that it’s not hard to find vegan-friendly foods these days, even at non-vegan restaurants. Especially if you’re not going about this from a health perspective (like, you won’t die from eating eggs and dairy or something), you don’t really have to look very far to find some vegan-friendly options to do your part for the betterment of the environment!

Tomorrow I will feature a restaurant that serves Vegan PIZZA!

I don’t know about you, but being a cheese lover, it was one of the hardest things to give up for this Veganuary challenge, but maybe you no longer have to sacrifice too much after all!

Also, look out for what to do with more leftovers!
One must always try never to let food go to waste.

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