• circular consumption
    Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 18 (Such Sustainable!)

    LUNCH Made by CaitVegan Chicken Rice with mushrooms, mock chicken, & Asian Kale As usual, we head out for our morning workout, and on our way, we pass by a chicken rice store. I don’t usually have cravings for chicken…

  • Vegan Bubble Tea
    Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 17 (Vegan Bubble Tea!)

    LUNCH Herbivore190, 13/14 Middle Rd,#1 Fortune Centre,Singapore 188973 We start our Lunch back at Fortune Centre (190 Middle Rd), where we headed because we were craving that mysteriously accurate flavour of Unagi rolls at Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant, Herbivore, that we discovered…

  • Vegan Fine dining restaurant
    Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 16 (Mighty Fine Dining)

    It’s that time of the month again.And when that time comes, I CRAAAAAAAVE noodles and soup! Who’s with me on this? Anyway, I’d just bought a whole bunch of vegan things from ‘Xin Yuan Vegetarian Good Trading’ so I’m going…

  • Benefit Cosmetics Launch
    Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 15 (Special Benefits)

    Today is the first day since I started the #Veganuary challenge, where I had to attend a FULL DAY event with Benefit Cosmetics. Without my creature comforts (my kitchen), the supermarkets around me, the stores I knew would have the…

  • Vegan Pizza
    Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 13 (Vegan Pizza)

    It has been almost a week of being Vegan, and there’s been heaps of ups and downs; hunger pangs for example, weakness, feeling nauseated from being so damn hungry… At this point, I am ready for whatever else Veganism throws…

  • Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 12 (Unaaaagi)

    Lunch Herbivore190, 13/14 Middle Rd,#1 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188973 Zenos and I have been googling Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants with really high ratings and found a place called ‘Herbivore’ with an average of 4.3 stars out of 5, and after dining there,…

  • vegan vs vegetarian
    Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 11 (Vegan/Vegetarian)

    Some people aren’t sure about the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian, and recently, we’re finding ourselves having to explain this to them… and with pleasure! To put it plain and simple, if it took an animal to produce it, Vegans…

  • mistakes
    Veganuary 2020

    Veganuary Day 10 (Took Lae Dee)

    Not all locations serve Vegan food, but sometimes, it’s ok to make an exception. Which was what I did when I decided to try and have lunch at non-vegan Thai restaurant, Took Lae Dee – coz I missed Thai food.…