When in China.

Caitanya (@CaitOfAllTraits) is an Actress/Singer/Host/Entrepreneur, and she LOVES experimenting with methods of cooking, fashion & design, starting new businesses, reviewing sensitive skincare products and travel. Basically all things lifestyle! You can follow her daily adventures on her Instagram.

Also, look out for her new regional series, ‘She’s a Terrorist, and I Love Her’, releasing this 23rd of January, in which she co-stars with industry bigs like Noah Yap, Munah Bagharib, and comedic genius Haresh Tilani.

Zenos Jake describes her as: Unabashedly opinionated and lovable

Zenos Jake

When in Asia.

Zenos (@Zoltanatron) is an Entrepreneur who LOVES rockets – Space things to be exact… and technology in general. He would like to eventually do tech-reviews and has a real flair for explaining technology from the perspective of someone who worked at Microsoft when he was 19. Check out his YouTube review of the AirPods Pro, as well as his TikTok account, quickly gaining reach for the creatively quirky videos he churns out on a daily basis.

Cait describes him as: A Walking Dad-Joke Generator