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Now that E-scooters are considered TOYS in Singapore,
say HELLO to your new road hazards!

14th March 2018:
We embarked on a mission to learn how to create a good foundation in our relationship, starting by learning more about OURSELVES as individuals!

These are some tests we took, that you can take to learn more about you:


We also did a questionnaire where we discussed really interesting topics like:

  • Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?
  • For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
  • If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

…which we found to be very helpful in understanding how each other perceived life.

Click this link to get to the ’36 Questions that Lead to Love

So we got crackin’ to create the best experiences together, that will take us through the rest of our lives as a couple – which is why we started this blog!

What to Expect:

  • 30-Day Challenges
    Where we take on 30 days of activities like walking around the Bay to see how much fat we can lose together, or learning a new language from scratch.. that sort of thing. We’re always open suggestions because we believe that…

  • Recipes by Cait
    Cait loves to cook, bake, and experiment in the kitchen. So much so, that she has found some wonderful shortcuts to basics that lead to GREAT meals! You asked her for it on Instagram, and now, you can find it all here!

  • Travel & Discovery
    Last time we went to Bali, you wanted our food experiences, the address of that unique plate shop, and the beautiful private pool villa we rented for just $50/night! Since you have been asking for our travel tips, we’re creating a page just for that!

  • Zenos Jake’s Tech Reviews
    Choosing between the XiaoMi or the Uniq portable charger – half the size, or twice the style? Zenos Jake tells you whether it matters, and discusses questions like: which wall-charger is better value for money, and should you focus on buying ‘fast-charge’ cables instead of regular ones.

  • Food Discoveries
    Zenos Jake always was keen on looking for the best burgers in Singapore, even though he knows it would cost his waistline. That’s fine! He’ll it so you don’t have to! Send in your suggestions too, and we’ll be happy to give it a try on your behalf.

All Suggestions are WELCOME!

When it comes to what we’ll try, we’re open!


Because at the end of it all, we wanna sit in our rocking chairs and look back at all the places to which we have travelled, foods we have enjoyed, stories we have shared, and be reminded of the great things that we have experienced together, before our deteriorated joints render us immobile.

HAAAA! Nothing’s gonna stop us!

So, please enjoy yourselves, and look out for the clickables to click-upon!

Visit us on our other more active platforms for more up-to-date activities, and check back in every day where we’ll document new discoveries as we go along, and share life’s little joys together, with you!

Smell Ya Later!